Your home is your most important space, you should feel comfortable, however, sometimes the heat and the brightness of the sun can damage that comfort you so desire. With our window tinting solutions together with the window films you can avoid this inconvenience throughout the year. Once you install our products you can reduce up to 99% the ultraviolet rays that enter through the windows. They also reduce the sun's heat by 80%, which translates into a significant reduction in electrical costs. Enjoy all the benefits we can offer you with our product line · Superior Sound & Auto Accessories


With our movies so you can control the amount of light that enters your building. Our products provide you with elegance and comfort helping you manage the use of energy in your building. We guarantee 80% less solar heat, this will help you improve the comfort of your customers and provide a fresh and pleasant environment. With our window films of a modern and pleasant building in sight · Superior Sound & Auto Accessories

Car Window Tint

Traveling comfortably in your car is of vital importance for you and your family, it has a system that Superior Sound offers you, to drive with tranquility and comfort, protecting your car from the sun's rays, which can cause cracks over time in the seats of your vehicle.
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We offer you films for perfect windows for marine applications, HüperOptik. They are perfect to dissipate the heat thanks to their ceramic technology and you will not have rusty edges as you can go with low quality products. Keep a cool environment inside your yacht in addition to keeping it as new since the heat will not deteriorate it · Superior Sound & Auto Accessories.